Thursday, March 5, 2009

NTLDR is missing Windows XP

Today, my friend's computer cannot operated because every boot the computer always show message like this "NTLDR is missing". Then hurry to googling for get the resolution. No require long time for get the resolution. Because i got the resolution like this...

Step by step for Correct NTLDR is missing problem.

1. Boot your PC form CD room with Windows Xp CD included.

2. Choose Repair(R) option with press the R button on your keyboard.

3. Choose you operating system with type 1 then press enter.

4. Login to windows operating system with your administrator password.

5. Copy the file "..\i386\ntldr" and file "..\i386\" from your WindowsXp CD

6. Restart your computer.

In my case, this resolution can correct my problem. I hope this can be help you too.


  1. glad you made it work. your good....

  2. oiya neh, dulu waktu pk XP plng sering ini ilang file NTLDRnya...heheheh...

    oiya kang, klo udah sebulan umur blog ini ikut entrecard aja biar naek trafficnya :D

  3. Thanks for sharing the information.

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  5. wooooooowww.. wow.. woowww... ini dia salah satu dari komputer yg sama sekali gksaya mengerti :( katrok banget ya saya mas???

  6. brow klow gak pake password di komputernya gimana....

  7. defaultnya security windows untuk login pake administrator ke console harus pake password. tapi jika sudah terlanjur gak pake password, coba jalankan repair aja otomtis aja. pada langkah ke 2 diatas, tekan enter... trus F8... trus tekan R..