Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yahoo Mail Classic + Free SMS Feature

Today when I check my email on yahoo, I get a notification that a facility and sms chat directly from my email using the classic view. In fact this facility has been a long time a go, but only in the new yahoo mail.
But start today in this facility can enjoy the classic yahoo email. hehe
ok, how to use it directly.

1. Login to your yahoo mail classic.
2. After login, you will get additional views on the first page on the left in your yahoo email account.

3. Click the text "Mulai SMS" to start sending sms.
4. Enter the destination country of sms.
5. Enter the number you want to sms.

6. Start send a message. :)

**Rules in sending sms with yahoo
  • Maximum of 3 sms per number, if the victim does not sms reply to the recipient, then you will not be able to send sms again on that day.
  • Sms recipient may be charged each receive sms.
  • Sms recipient will be wearing in the cost of Rp 550 per sms reply to us.


  1. nice post nui,buat para tuna pulsa,hehehhee

  2. ehh bisa pk semeses toh kang, ehhh saya ndak tau yg ini..hahahah, secara chat aja jarang onlen :D